Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just Forget It, I Have Made Up My Mind
(Sung to the tune of "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind" by The Lovin' Spoonful)

Click HERE for MIDI music, sequenced by my good friend, Ron Tilden

Inspired by pResident Bush's phrase "I am the decider," defending Sec. of State Donald Rumsfeld against calls for Rummy's resignation. As sung by Emperor Dubya, The Decider, to the American public:

(instrumental intro)

Just forget it, I have made up my mind.
Rummy won't go, and you can kiss my behind.
You may call him sleazy, but Rummy's my kind.
Just forget it, I have made up my mind.

Don't you ever clash, 'cause I will decide.
Say, "Yes, Great One," by my rules, you'll abide.
I want no exchanges; your viewpoints, just hide.
I'm The Leader, I say I will decide.

Ex-generals think they're so wise; brutal to Rummy.
It just isn't fair, to call me a dummy.
Don't care what you think, we're at war with the world.
War profits swollen by the bombs that we hurled.

(Spoken: What I say goes, because I've made up my mind!)

End Times are really big; this world... will end, and I'll miss her.
Last summer, got distracted; Katrina the Twister.
Public squawks? Why bother? 'Cause everything's fine.
I say, "Protestors, go home! Hey! I've made up my mind!"

And don't forget: I'm better! I will decide!