Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Shrub's Unsound Delusion
(Sung to the tune of "The Sound of Music" by Julie Andrews)

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(long instrumental intro)

Bush shills sell us jive;
Shrub's unsound delusion.
His throngs flinging dung
This election year.

Bush shills aren't smart;
Have no sound conclusion.
Shrub's done everything
Dead wrong, for years.

Our hearts want defeat of Right Wing and their herds,
Who lie and partake Bush's sleaze.
They outed a spy; what a crime, what lies;
Right wing jerks did with ease.

Hear gaffes of King Crook, when he trips and falls
Over words in his way.
Let's sting the Far Right, who would start
Telling us... what to say.

On Capitol Hill, wants his party only.
The Shrub only hears... that "God wanted war."
Shrub's mind is distressed, with profound confusion.
Soon, he's king... no more.