Tuesday, April 10, 2007

While Strolling In Iraq One Day
(Sung to the tune of "While Strolling Through The Park One Day")

Satire about Sen. John McCain's bizarre televised walk through Baghdad, pathetically trying to convince people that it was safe to walk about in Iraq, while wearing a bulletproof vest with a heavily armed escort

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While strolling through Iraq one day,
Grim reality was hid away.
John McCain just closed his eyes
Said that Bush would win his prize.
We would win the war, if critics went away.

The pile of corpses you can't see.
(Drank the Kool-Aid Dubya had made.)
McCain is deluded as can be.
(Drank the Kool-Aid Dubya had made.)

So immediately, he got flak.
Embarassment left its mark.
People never shall forget
McCain and right wing loons
Staged a walkabout disaster in Iraq.