Friday, February 16, 2007

More Sacrifice
(Sung to the tune of "Sacrifice" by Elton John)

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(instrumental intro)

Bush says "Things are fine!"
For war, he's longed.
With itchy trigger fingers.
By his nation, gonged.

No legal bountaries
Will stop this mad man.
Through deceit, he's calling
To start war with other lands.

Cold, cold heart
Of Duh-Buh-You.
Things ain't better, Bush Baby.
He'll soon crash; he's through.

Bush wants more "sacrifice."
His simplistic words.
To Iraq, he gives his view of the world.
Bush wants more sacrifice...
More sacrifice.
Bush wants more sacrifice by all.

Was no misunderstanding.
Altered the facts.
His proclivities beg derision.
Through illegal acts.

The screwed election...
When Congress turned...
The Dems now dam you...
Bush lunacy burns...