Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lame Duck
(Sung to the tune of "King Tut" by Steve Martin & The Toot Uncommons)

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Now Bush is still a dumb man; from scandal, he can't flee (Lame Duck)
We just hear him whine; just see the boy king (Lame Duck)
Indicted, Cheney's flunky (Lame Duck)
Scooter, ditto-monkey.
(Hurricane Katrina... wrecked Bush, so did Rita; Lame Duck!)

Now he's alone... his flunkies fear to see him (Lame Duck)
Exposed now as a dummy, now who'd want to be him? (Lame Duck)
Karl Rove the Brainy (Lame Duck)
Scrutinized like Cheney.
(Hurricane Katrina... wrecked Bush, so did Rita; Lame Duck!)

Scandals now just pile
Country loathes his style (Sitting Duck)
Shocked Bush cannot smile (Squawking Duck)
He's hated and reviled

He's wasted lives for fascism.
Right wing idol
He's a faux Texan
Lies sold as true

Our troops still die; world thinks he's a nut.
Bush won't attend troop funerals,
Because they'll blame Lame Duck (Lame Duck)

Fitzgerald will soon hammer (Lame Duck)
Flunkies, to the slammer.
(Hurricane Katrina... wrecked Bush, so did Rita;
Hurricane Katrina... maybe Bush will get subpoenaed... Lame Duck!)