Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Goodbye To Shrub
(Sung to the tune of "Goodbye To Love" by The Carpenters)

Good riddance to the Failure-In-Chief and his disastrous 8-year Reign Of Error

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We say goodbye to Shrub!
History won't spare him; truth, he can't deny.
Time and time again, this dunce named Shrub expressed defiance.
World loathes the Shrub and all his stupid bullsh*t.
His right dreams, the culprit.

Dubya Bush's time's up; he's unwanted and alone.
He always took the sleazy way; his pestilence has grown.
We say goodbye to Shrub!
Brought the world sorrow like a Frankenstein.
Rampant crime, abuse, and making enemies
Durin' his time, his endless errors and deceivin'
Led to his wars; something he's despised for.

Eight long years of Bush's lurching finally reached an end.
Looniness and empty slogans, mistakes he can't mend.
It's his way; the Shrub is rotten
As are his Republicans...

(guitar solo)

Bush despised as Fuhrer; it's no mystery at all.
He should be convicted; cheer misfortune at his fall.
Try him for war crimes or he won't see what he's done wrong.
Impeach now: Bush and his throng.

We say goodbye to Shrub...
We say goodbye to Shrub...

(guitar solo and fade)