Thursday, April 17, 2008

Insultin' The King
(Sung to the tune of "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits)

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(instrumental intro)

He's chicken-livered; isn't smart; he's been straining from the start, in prime time.
Polluted rivers and slop; Bush sold everything.
His base all live in Dixie; cheer his war crime.
It's the Far Right who don't fear what hubris brings.

Bush gets free rides; he hasn't been to many places.
Aznar thrown out now in Spain; Bush fears, as polls go down.
Iraq war attrition; opposition he faces.
Both domestic and foreign; he's still unsound.

Polls have gone south...
Polls have gone south, Bush dragged down.

Let's throw out Dumb Czar George, who thinks he's overlord.
Our nation's in schism; he doesn't want to take blame for anything.
Fighting his oils wars are what we can't afford.
When he f*cks up, by "divine right," he'll say "I'm King."

Dick Cheney doesn't mind... to be the Boss behind the scenes.
He's pulled off big crime jobs, without a fight.
He'll deny that he's wrong 'bout just everything.
Iraq's f*cked up - a "cakewalk" - right?!

We're insultin'...
We're insultin' our "king."

Bush's crowd all make noise; they can be found in his corner.
Drunk with power to arrest and torture; they lied 'bout their roles.
They don't give a damn... about any rights left in our land.
Don't care what we want; just their goals.

We're insultin' these zeroes... zeroes!

Remember the time Dick was caught on the microphone?
"Major league asshole" - don't his words still ring.
W's far right; now it's time he went home.
Few more months to go, so let's sing:

We're insultin'...
We're insultin' our "king"!

(instrumental riff and ending)