Thursday, June 16, 2005

Downing Street
(Sung to the tune of "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty)

Satire about the now-infamous Downing Street Memo from Britain, transcribed from a secret British prime minister meeting in July 2002, proving to the world that Bush had been intent on making war on Iraq, while he and Tony Blair cooked intelligence reports and spread fear-mongering lies to justify their illegal war.

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(instrumental intro)

Won't go away, it's called Downing Street.
Iraq war dead laid at Bush's feet.
Just what did that memo say?
Bush was gonna have his way,
And he'd lied about everything.

Iraqi desert had contained black gold;
Oil cronies... were Bush's people, so war was pre-sold.
But it's taken us so long,
To find out Bush was wrong,
And he'd lied about everything.

The neocons thought war was so easy.
The world now thinks that Bush is so sleazy.
They're still lyin',
Still lyin' now.

After two years, Bush is still war-happy.
Still stokin' fear to keep you war-happy.
But Shrub's cryin'.
Shrub's cryin' now...

(instrumental break)

From Downing Street, words about what took place,
To justify war has caused these crooks much disgrace.
In Iraq, Bush cannot win,
And can't rely on spin,
And there's talk, "Let's impeach this king."

Neocons dream about rulin' more land,
Not going to... give up nor lose their extremist stands.
They hope things settle down, or their Shrub will lose his crown,
And regret if they lose their king.

But you know they'll always keep provin':
Though Bush ain't clever, spin keeps him movin'
Keeps his stolen,
Keeps his stolen throne.

More people wake up, parents in mournin'
Dim Son is whinin' 'bout dead troop mournin'
Flak growin'...
Flak growin' at home...

(long instrumental break and fade)