Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Put Shrub In The Pokey
(Sung to the tune of "On Top Of Old Smoky")

Click HERE for MIDI music

(instrumental intro)

Put Shrub in the pokey.
His cover-up's blown.
Let's toss this warmonger
To Crawford, his zone.

Oil war gives him pleasure.
Let's make his reign brief.
Strip Bush of his power.
Who's worse than this thief?

This thief who has robbed you
Of freedom; we're slaves
To his unbridled power.
War led troops to their graves.

Their graves betray W.
Oil war is a bust.
'Cause Bush Boy had blundered;
Earned the world's disgust.

We'll bug you and diss you
When you tell more lies.
We despise your failed road;
More wars on the rise.

His Iraq invasion:
Wants oil for free
Bush said "Take our 'protection'
As your democracy."

For our freedoms have withered
For PATRIOT lies.
Our rights have been taken.
Cut Shrub down to size.